About this Gallery

This is a private, non-commercial gallery where I post my paintings and drawings.

The images are usually a pretty clear reflection of what's going in my life, in a figurative sense.

Don't take that too seriously, though. Sometimes I just play with colours and figures.


It took me years to learn how to draw realistically. Unlearning that has been even more of a challenge. I relapse every now and then, but techniques which make precision impossible are a good remedy.

I love the liberty of not having to have any clear idea of where I'm going when I start. I trust that the right image will emerge as I go on.


I was born in Finland in 1979 but grew up elsewhere. I have travelled around several continents and have lived in Finland, Austria, Japan, Malta and Morocco. The crafts and workmanship I have seen around the globe have had an impact on the colours and images I use.

I am a carpenter, psychologist, translator and copywriter.


I paint for friends and acquaintances as well as for myself. Some of the pieces on display here were made for other people on request, others were gifts. The best way to create art for someone else is to get to know them, hear about how they see the world, and then shoot that knowledge through the prism of my painting to see what comes out. It's a special treat to witness the person's reaction when they see the outcome.


I like the juxtaposition of bright, cheerful colours and gruesome, dark elements. There is an art to seeing beauty despite the ugliness of reality. It wasn't easy to get here, but I do my best to retain that ability.


I have been asked about ordering prints of my paintings and getting bags and phone cases with these images. Since painting is just a hobby for me, I don't really have the time to make a web shop, although I would like to some day. I also want to hold an exhibition together with other creative friends.

I'm branching out into painting on things like musical instruments. I post pictures of that type of work on Facebook: gallery.of.phantasms

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Elina McCafferty | Holubstrasse 1/7/13, 1020 Vienna, Austria | me[AT]elina.gallery